Thursday, November 15, 2012

As The Days Get Shorter

It is getting to be a time of year that is hard on a lot of people. The days are getting shorter and the weather is colder; not really a good combination. Yes, some people love winter, and I can see why - there is a lot to do once the snow starts to fly - but even if you enjoy the season you might be affected by it.

In the past I haven't talked much about depression publicly. This post is kind of a "coming out", if you will.

I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for about eight years now and I'm finally coming to terms with it. No, it isn't easy to talk about, especially in such a public forum, but I think that it is important to talk about so that others out there can know that they aren't alone in the way they are feeling.

I chose to make this post now because of the shortening days; less sunshine, less vitamin D, less "happy". Now then, sunshine and vitamin D aren't the only factors, and everyone who suffers from any kind of mental illness is different, but they are proven contributors.

I will be going more in depth about my personal experiences as the months go along - assuming I'm up for it and you actually want to read about it - but for now I just wanted you all to know that it is OK to feel sad sometimes. Feeling sad doesn't make you depressed, it makes you human! For those of you who are affected this time of year, take a vitamin D supplement, it won't "cure" you, but it just might make you feel a bit better!


  1. I can't wait to read what you post this month. Thank you for being brave and "coming out." :)


  2. Welcome out of the depression closet. It was worse in there cause they usually are stuffed full so be free, open, and share so others can feel the relief of the closet constraints.